Porsche To Start Production Of Panamera In April

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The Porsche Panamera has been talked about for over two years now and it seems that we still have at least one more year to go before the sedan will be released to consumers. The Panamera will be put into production next April. According to reports there will be 20,000 four-doors produced per year.

The 4,000-pound Porsche will be available with a choice of 300 hp 3.6L V6, a 4.8L V8 packing 405 ponies, or 520 hp with forced induction, and prices are rumored to be between €80,000 and €125,000. Word on the street is that the V6 won’t be available until 2010 and a hybrid will follow for 2011.

The Panamera has been in the headlines for a long time, and hopefully the talented designers in Stuttgart have been taking their time making the beefy sedan look better than the preproduction model above. We find it hard to believe that Porsche will make an ugly vehicle, though. The Cayenne doesn’t count.